Personal Projects

As I spend a lot of time on the computer, it is only natural that I would also take some time to blog here and there, as I hope my code snippets, musings and ramblings can help someone finish their project a bit faster or maybe even make them think about our world in a way they have not considered before.

So, here are some of the personal projects that I work on in my spare time. I hope you will find them at least a bit interesting or useful. If you do, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments.

Developing Clearly

My Adventures in Software Development and IT.

Developing Clearly is my blog about Software Development and IT. I post about C#, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Networking and IT in general.

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Overthinking Clearly

My Adventures in all things that seemed important to me at one time or another.

Overthinking Clearly is my blog about books, my humble exploration of the philosophy of religion and my musings about all kinds of questions that make me think, like Humanism, Science, Feminism or Ethics.

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