My name is Domagoj Salopek. I am a C# Developer & an IT Consultant. I make Web-Based apps & Systems.

Born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, living in Mannheim, Germany. I am 41 years old.

My full-time job is building Web-based Systems & APIs using Microsoft technologies – ASP.NET (C#) and Microsoft SQL Server.

I spend a lot of time outside, reading and on the computer.

Humanist. Liberal. Occasional blogger. Opinions posted anywhere on the web are my own.

On this site, I will share some details from my personal and professional lives as well as news about my projects and some stuff I find fascinating.

Latest stories

Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver Review (Model 9460cc)


Braun Series 9 Pro is a highly comfortable, powerful, and close-shaving electric razor. It offers a great overall package, despite being a bit on the pricier side. I believe you won't regret purchasing it, as it excels in nearly every aspect. It is also extremely easy to use, especially if you're completely new to electric shaving and are coming from safety or cartridge razors.

Why Use an Electric Shaver and what are The types of Electric Shavers


This is not a health or Personal Grooming website, but those who have taken just a superficial look at any of my work should know that it’s my nature to say something whenever I have something to contribute to the conversation. So, as an owner of multiple electric shavers over the years and as an owner of the tough beard but sensitive skin combination, I have something to contribute to the...

New Personal Project: MeThinker


Compared to my other personal project, Readency, this is not exactly a new project, but I felt a need to announce it anyway. So, here we go. I have started a new project called MeThinker and I will be blogging about my humble attempts to understand significant issues in philosophy and science, both classical and contemporary. This is not so much a new site as it is an upgrade and a rebranding of...

New Personal Project: Readency


As things have been a bit less busy lately, and as I am, let’s be honest, getting older, I and should slowly be thinking about my legacy on the World Wide Web, I have decided to start a new web project: As you might or might not know, I love reading, particularly non-fiction – mostly philosophy of religion or ethics. As being a passive figure in the reading...

Another Long Weekend Outing: Strandbad, Mannheim


So, today is Friday, so I took a day off in order to have a long, four-day weekend. I will be honest, most of the day I was just chilling and using the free time to do some light reading, For an insight into the books, I like to read, and detailed reviews and recommendations, visit my other site, where I write about what little I know about philosophy, science, and ethics. Anyway, as...

Corpus Christi Long Weekend Outing: Käfertaler Wald, Mannheim


Another four-day weekend is upon us – (08.06.2023 – 11.06.2023.) so here is how I spent the first day – I visited a forest in the city of Mannheim, Germany. It is called Käfertaler Wald. It is the biggest forest in Mannheim, Germany and if you are lucky enough to live here, you can very easily access it by Tram Line 4A which stops a mere 200 or so m from one of the entrances...

First Deutschland Ticket Outing: Palmengarten Frankfurt


So, the first of the 4-day weekend days (18.04.-21.04.2023) is over. Yes, the time flies so quickly when you are free from work and have a lot of fun. But let us not dwell on it for too long, instead let’s try to enjoy our spare time as best as we possibly can because it won’t be too long and we will be back in the office. Now, that is not to say that work is not fun, but as they say...