Domagoj Salopek

Software Developer

I make Web-based Systems.

Web Developer. I spend a lot of time outside, reading and on the computer.

I make web systems and apps work. I like C# and the Web. Humanist. Liberal. Progressive. Occasional blogger. Opinions posted anywhere on the web are my own. I like whisky.

Domagoj Salopek

In Short

Born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, living in Mannheim, Germany. I am 39 years old (dynamically calculated, imagine that). Full-Stack Developer, but C# is what I do best. My full-time job is building Web-based Systems & APIs using Microsoft technologies - ASP.NET (C#) and Microsoft SQL Server.

I blog about Development at ’Is it OK to Code?

Is it OK to Code?

An adventure in software development and IT. Development blog

I blog about everything else at ’Is it OK to Think?

Is it OK to Think?

An adventure in things that matter. Blog about reading, society, science, religion, space and art.