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Migration of the old posts

When making this website I intentionally did not migrate any of the old posts. The reasons are many, including the lack of knowledge in some areas. For example, I did have a CCNA certification and was working on obtaining a CCNP, but life happened and I simply devoted much more of my time toward Web Development and various other personal projects and simply abandoned my CCNA/CCNP ambitions. Currently, it does not seem I will ever return to it, except as a hobby maybe. But even this is doubtful. As a result of these developments, I would not be able to answer the questions about it, so I did not see any point in keeping these posts alive.

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I am back

That's right. After two and a half years of being inactive, this website will be alive once again. Sorry that old content was not preserved, but these days it belongs only in the archive anyway - it would not be of use to anyone.

The most useful things would be the networking posts, because AFAIK - and that's a big AFAIK because my CCNA has expired and I didn't refresh it - not much has changed in the world of getting certifications, so networking might be useful to some, but at this point I am not willing to invest time to migrate it. The previous version of the site used BlogEngine .NET and this one is using a beta version of own CMS, so there's no possibility to migrate it automatically without some development, which means - either development or I do it manually.

That is not to say that I won't transfer anything ever, but for now, it seems like it's gonna be a brand new start.

For those who are new - and let's face it, after 2.5 years of inactivity everybody's new - my name is Domagoj Salopek and I am a Web Developer. I have been in the Web area professionally for about give or take 10 years, started with Perl, then PHP and these days I'm all about Microsoft..

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