Create animated menu with CSS Sprites and jQuery

In this blog post we'll create a simple Animated Menu using CSS Sprites & jQuery. Some of you might remember the times when you needed to download custom javascript scripts designed just for a certain type of menu. Nowdays you can very easily create your own custom menus. Let's see how.

Nothing really special, but can easily be extended to meet your needs. Also, I decided to use background-position animations because it's not that common to find them online. And they're certainly not common like fade-type animations.


OSPF Stubby Area Types

Continuing from a previous blog post about OSPF where we explored Multi Area OSPF, let's take a look at a cool OSPF feature: Stubby Areas.

Stubby Areas?

There are sites inside the network that need to send the packets to the Internet. All such packets need to arrive at the router connected to the Internet.

Also, if routers want to communicate to the other area they must send the packets to the ABR, meaning they can use the default route to do that.


Open Shortest Path First

The need for a dynamic routing protocol

As you probably know, in order for a Router to be able to forward the packets to the network, it must know how to reach that network. The information how to reach a network is stored in a router's routing table. If the router doesn't have a network in it's routing table it simply discards the packet.