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When making this website I intentionally did not migrate any of the old posts. The reasons are many, including the lack of knowledge in some areas which is the result of ignoring them for several years. For example, I did have a CCNA certification and was working on obtaining a CCNP, but life happened and I simply devoted much more of my time toward Web Development and various other personal projects and simply abandoned my CCNA/CCNP ambitions. As it stands today, my CCNA expired four years ago and I simply fell out of it. Currently, it does not seem I will ever return to it, except as a hobby maybe. But even this is doubtful. As a result of these developments, I would not be able to answer the questions about it, so I did not see any point in keeping these posts alive.

A similar thing can be said about development with PHP or Frontend design slicing, etc. I abandoned PHP and I am not following anything happening there. C# and Microsoft technologies, in general, are my professional life now. As a result, I would not be competent to answer any questions anymore with regards to best practices or how things should be done - without extensive research, that is. And I am not prepared to do that anymore. 

BUT. I have changed my mind regarding the migration of old posts. I did write them and I guess I simply do want to have them here if for nothing else then as a reminder to this time in my life, as a sort of nostalgia if you will. And call it vanity, but I feel that I do want to see them here again, if for nothing else then because they provide an overview of my professional life and I do want to have these memories. So, I will migrate the old posts. Stay tuned, you just might see what was happening in web development and networking ... and my life in 2010. That was almost nine years ago. Man, that is an eternity.

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