Create a simple blog site using eZ Publish

We'll create a Simple Blog Site from scratch using the eZ Publish CMS.

If you didn't come across eZ Publish yet it would be useful to familiarize yourself with both installation of eZ Publish and with first steps after an installation (post includes basics of creating a extension).

In this post I'll start with a "Plain Site" eZ Publish installation, because it's easier to explain some concepts that way, but if you already have another installation it really doesn't matter because we'll make our own design, templates and classes.


If you need a robust and flexible open source CMS in PHP let me introduce eZ Publish to you

This won't be a very long article, it will instead be a first article in a series about eZ Publish CMS. eZ Publish is very robust open source CMS written in PHP, so there's no point in trying to encompass it in one article. This will be an introduction to the eZ Publish CMS and we'll get deeper into it's functionalities in some later blog post.

The need for CMS

I'm sure you're aware what a CMS is and how it can help you and your site be more successful. Just in case you're a newbie in Web Development, let me just say that a CMS can do wonders. CMS (Content Management System) can help you to create a website in a matter of minutes and then you can use it to edit your website content and add new articles.